Piko pako is free food delivery mobile app that can help the end-users to get sumptuous food delivered at their doorsteps. Powered by great API, the app provides you the detailed listing of eating joints, restaurants, and hotels in and around your vicinity. You can choose directly from the menu and place the order.

The app also offers real-time order tracking details. You can set your favorite foods and restaurants in the app for easy and early ordering. You can even check the past order history.


B&O Saloon

BO is a free mobile app that connects customers and salon service providers. Users can book a salon service, make changes, and even cancel the appointment without any hassles. The app offers a detailed listing of the saloon services based upon the pin code details. You will also get the notification about the appointment timing and any changes made by the service provider. It serves as a comprehensive platform for the customers and businesses to join hands.


Cut Boards

At Cut Boards they Supply and extensive range of cut to size wood based panels, such as Chipboard, Particle board, Plywood and MDF. Our State of the art machinery ensures precision up to 0.1mm accuracy when cutting and a flawless edging finish.

Our clients can now benefit from great customer service, fast and reliable turnaround and competitive prices from our central location.



Conceived after much of brainstorming, Triptunity is an interesting platform that helps a wanderlust soul to earn while enjoying a trip. Wanderers can create their profile here and collaborate with others easily.

The platform brings tourists and locals together over a platform. The travelers can put up details about the trip and raise an offer for buyers. If the buyers want anything else special from the place the traveler is visiting, they can easily contact the traveler and get the things.



Funrumble is a platform that brings the data-driven and relevant information about the fun experiences, new connections and any new activity in the town for you. The platform offers you category wise filtering option to narrow down your searches and get results that match to your requirements.

Users can easily find out about the places and activities of your interests and join the programs. It also helps one to find likeminded people and join them for at the live location.



Fullness is an iPhone based app that was designed to bring fitness fervent souls and available fitness studios over a single platform. The app makes the hunting of need-based and location-driven fitness studio easy than ever with its fast and accurate results.

The in-built navigation automatically detects the location and brings out the best options. The app has details about the fitness trainers and studio in details.



Masada is a hotel’s official website, with a booking facility. The website has well-organized detail pages and fully-functional reservation system in place. Customers can check the availability of rooms, select the room to be booked, make reservations and pay through Masada website.

The beautiful interface and well-placed elements of Masada make it a perfect business identity a hotel could have. It elegantly reflects the place and hotel body to engage website visitors, thereby turning them into customers if they are really thinking to visit Masada.


Eb Production

Conceived with a purpose to provide the work opportunities for the aspiring models, EB Production allows the models to create an informative profile showcasing their high points.

The information can be uploaded in the form of multi-media and PDF. The relevant tags help a model to get spotted easily. The layout of the website is impressive and informative.

EB Production


Hitch Hyke is a new international taxi and parcel booking app built on the lines of most trending Apps. Operations are quite similar to UBER in UK, Ireland and the US. 
- Quick, Reliable and economical taxi and parcel booking.
- Ride tracking in real time. Sharing of location, driver contact details and more for safe rides. 
- Cashless and hassle free transaction as you pay through the integrated wallet. Save per ride as you get more cash backs. 
- Payment history quick book to have a complete control over the expenses.

Hitch hyke

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We Build

We Build


We build elegant and functional solutions using Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Angular and more.

We Build


We deliver apps essentials at your finger tips. Functional, flawless and easy to use.


Any device, Anywhere.

Run your business from anywhere. Easy to use iPhone, iPad, Android, computer apps.

Quick Replies

Create templates so staff can quickly respond to customer inquiries.

Unlimited Users

Multiple staff can view and respond to guest inquiries, simultaneously.

Address Negativity

Immediatley respond to customers privately to avoid negative posts on social media.

Smart Routing

Inquiries automatically routed to appropriate staff member - private events routed to sales.


Access conversations to view how OpenCity and your team respond to customer inquiries.

Book Reservations

Seamlessly books and recommends reservations, private events and more.

24/7 Coverage

Customers expect instant responses. OpenCity allows you to always be "open" for business.

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